Silk Road Needle Arts

                        St. Petersburg, Florida

Metallic and Synthetic Threads--

Caron Collection--Snow. 7 colors. Comes in 10-yard skein ($2.90) (40 and 100 yard skeins by special order)

If you are stitching areas of snow or ice, the white color of Caron's Snow is a wonderful thread to use. It has a luminosity, almost opalescence, that is excellent for these purposes and does not overpower your work like some metallics can. It is sophisticated and highly recommended for Christmas stockings and for winter scenes. Snow does not fray in the needle and is much smoother than most metallics.

Similar in weight to #5 pearl cotton, six strands of floss, or one ply of Persian wool. One strand works perfectly on 18 count needlepoint; for 13/14 use one or two strands according to the stitch and desired fullness. For cross stitch consider 1 strand for sizes 18-20 (over two) and 1 strand for 13/14 (over one)  Snow is somewhat stretchy and will compress a little on smaller sizes with a tighter stitch tension.

Snow comes in these colors: White, Gold, Black Ice, Sky Blue, Night Sky, Fiesta Red, and Cedar Green.

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